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Contest Winners and Results:
The most popular fiddles ordered by Google Analytic’s pageviews are:


and the winning authors of the fiddles are kustajiaji, oscavi, and myblck91.

Book Give-away: Hold a chance to win a free copy of the “Building UIs With Wijmo”, just by making fiddles and sharing them!

For the contest we have 3 eBook copies of Building UIs With Wijmo, to be given away to 3 lucky winners.

How you can win:

To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is create and save fiddles with one of these UI frameworks: jQuery UI, Kendo UI, or Wijmo. Then share them on Twitter, on your blog, or with your friends.
select UI framework
To make it easy to add the required JavaScript and CSS files, you can now select UI frameworks under the Import menu.

Please note: Winners residing only in the USA and Europe would get a chance to win print copies. Others would be provided with eBook copies only.

Duration of the contest & selection of winners:

The contest is valid for 20 days starting October 14, and is open to everyone. Winners will be selected from the fiddles that receive the most page views by unique visitors during the period. After the contest ends, Google Analytics data will be posted and the winners will be notified.

About the book:
Wijmo book cover
Building UIs With Wijmo is written by Yuguang Zhang. This book of 116 pages will steer the readers to build adaptive websites that work on desktops and mobile devices.