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AWS S3 Costs for Hosting Static Files


My costs for hosting static JavaScript and CSS files keep growing on Amazon, compared to my web hosting fees, which have stayed at a flat rate. So I decided to look into what’s happening. Ever since I started Python Fiddle in August 2011, using AWS S3 to host static files I’ve been receiving monthly billing statements. So don’t expect the free tier to be any benefit when using AWS. On one co-op term at a startup working on unreleased software, the cost per month was above $300. The site was just hosted for development and testing.
Fortunately, I’ve been wise enough just to use Amazon S3 for serving file so it doesn’t involve RDS or EC2 for database and computing needs.
Amazon Billing Statement
The costs for me are cheap. As of now, I have a limit of 20,000 GB on my web hosting account and I’m using more than 10,000 GB. So moving the files hosted on S3 over will just bump my web hosting costs to the next tier.
Amazon S3 Free Tier